New control-room in Holmen

From the new established control room in Holmen we can control all the feeding of our salmon localitites in Vesteraalen. Eventually we will also have our localities in Sifjord and Hamneidet in this room.

The benefits of the control room are many. We can both control the salmons appetite in a much better way to avoid unnecessary feed waste, and at the same time have a continuous status on the salmons behavior and welfare. We can also monitor the ocean temperature, ocean currents and the safety of our employees. Even on days with bad weather we can get a good overview of the condition of the fish and monitor that the fish farm is laying the way it should. In summary, we have adopted already used technology to achieve a more comprehensive control over our production.

Due to technological advances and purchases of more advanced production equipment it will be necessary to create a professional environment. The feeding center/control room is an important part of this, but also that the operators can concentrate on working operations that require specialized work on the fish farms essential.

Our main focus is to maintain a good fish welfare and to increase the safety of our employees.


Technological developments

Over the recent years there has been an enormous technological development within the aquaculture industry. There have been used camera surveillance systems for many years now, but not at the level that we are using the technology today. Eidsfjord Sjøfarm AS has always been among the first to try new technologies. As an illustration of this the image above shows an underwater camera in Eidsfjorden in year 2000.

About Eidsfjord Sjøfarm AS

Photo: Hege Abrahamsen

Eidsfjord Sjøfarm AS was established the 3th July in 1990 and got their first salmon license the same year. Today the company has 11 salmon licenses divided into three production areas from Vesteraalen in the south, Sifjord in the mid and Hamneidet in the north. We have an annual production of approximately 16,000 tons.

Our fish is slaughtered by Nordlaks in Vesteraalen and by Arnøy Laks Slakteri in North Troms . The salmon is then further exported to markets all over Europe and are sold through our own export company. In accordance with the developments in the industry Eidsfjord Sjøfarm AS has through the recent years invested in updated feed barges and workboats.

The headquarter of Eidsfjord Sjøfarm AS is located in Sortland, during the summer of 2017 the entire Group moves to our new administration building in Holmen.






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New trawler being built at Spanish shipyard

A new trawler is scheduled for delivery in 2016 from Freire Shipyard in Vigo in Spain. This shipyard has been building boats ever since 1895 and it is well known for its quality and advanced technology.

This trawler will be christened the “Holmøy'” and it will replace the Langøy which has been operating for us since 2008.

Our new trawler will be 69 metres long and 17 metres wide. It will be equipped with all the latest technology and capable of sailing further into the fishing grounds and being away for longer at a time.

Fish are constantly on the move and we are equipping ourselves to follow them. This trawler is being built so that it can freeze gutted, headless fish, but it can rapidly be converted into a filleting factory if this turns out to be more profitable.

The cost of building the “Holmøy” amounts to approx. NOK 280 million.

Holmen kaianlegg klar til sommeren!