It all started with the white fish

Prestfjord, a trawler which was delivered by the Kaarbø shipyard in Harstad, was launched in 1973. A new trawler company had arrived in Vesterålen and this marked the start of an sustainable development of the fisheries industry in northern Norway.

In 1987 the old Prestfjord was replaced by the “new” Prestfjord which was delivered by the Kleven Mek. verksted AS in Ulsteinvik. This factory trawler produced fillets. Finally another new trawler, built at the Gdansk shipyard and at Mykebust Verft AS, was delivered in 2012. This new trawler replaced the Prestfjord and was also called the Prestfjord.

F/T Sunderøy was delivered from Gondan in Spain in 2004. F/T Langøy was purchased in 2008, thus providing us with three trawlers with a total of nine quotas. In October 2015 was F/T Langøy sold without quotas and was replaced by the new trawler F/T Holmøy built at Freire Shipyard in Vigo. F/T Holmøy was delivered in March 2016. F/T Andenesfisk I  was purchased in January 2017, and was renamed to F/T Langøy in May 2017.

Our four  modern freezing trawlers with a total of 12 quotas deliver approximately 23,500 tonnes of gutted headless fish per year for onward distribution to Asia, Europe and the USA.

We obtained our first salmon license in 1990 for our company Eidsfjord Sjøfarm AS which was established on 3 July 1990. We have been involved in the structural changes which have been taking place first in the trawler industry and subsequently in the fish farming industry. Eidsfjord Sjøfarm AS currently has 11 salmon licenses which are divided between six facilities in Troms and Nordland. The head office of Eidsfjord Sjøfarm AS is located in Sortland. Our annual production amounts to approximately 18,000 tonnes. The salmon is primarily slaughtered at Nordlaks’s facility on the island of Børøya in the municipality of Hadsel and at Arnøy Laks Slakteri AS in Troms County. The salmon is further distributed to markets all over Europe. The industry is constantly evolving and we have invested in modern feed barges and workboats to incorporate the latest developments.

Natural company development

Our history involves building up our business stone by stone and having the expertise and capital to participate in the structural changes which have been taking place in both the white fish and salmon industries during recent years. Our companies have been set up gradually as developments have enabled us to stand on our own feet, or when there has been a natural requirement for making organisational changes. Eidsfjord Sjøfarm AS was formed in 1990, Prestfjord Seafood AS in 1995, Prestfjord AS in 1998, Myre Frysterminal AS in 2000 and Prestfjord Havfiske AS in 2010, and these were all brought under Holmøy Maritime AS with effect from 1 January 2014.

New milestones ahead

Our new quay in the Holmen industrial area was completed during the summer of 2015. This will be followed by a new administration building and a new cold store at the same site in 2016/2017. This whole facility is designed by Snøhetta firm of architects. And if developments continue as at present, we may well see the addition of more new building blocks during the forthcoming years.