Myre Fryseterminal AS

Myre Fryseterminal AS can offer cold storage for fish and fish products.

Myre Fryseterminal AS is a cold Storage warehouse established in 2002 in Myre. The Warehouse has a total freezing capacity of 1,500 sqm. The terminal is located in a fishery municipality where most of the residents are employed in activities involving the fish industry. The municipal centre is just a short distance away from one of Norway`s best fishing grounds and has an excellent harbour for visiting boats.

The main activity was transferred to a new and modern cold storage warehouse in Sortland 1th of September 2016. The cold Storage warehouse has a total freezing capacity of 1,900 sqm.

Myre Fryseterminal AS has in total 300 m quay and an agreement with a local company for unloading.

Both of the terminals are ISPS approved.

Contact information

Leif Karl Hansen

Leif Karl Hansen

Operations Manager

Tel: 76 13 40 01
Mobile: 95 13 40 01